Esthetics and Orthodontics

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Dentist for Esthetics and Orthodontics in Osaka

Esthetics and Orthodontics in Osaka

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Teeth Alignment

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Teeth Whitening

Perfect teeth with orthodontic and cosmetic (esthetic) dentistry

Improved Face

Esthetic dentistry aims to improve the appearance, health and functioning of the mouth. It is a type of dentistry that marries art with science, and is performed only by specially trained dentists.

Esthetic treatments often deliver more than just cosmetic improvements. They can also restore the health of the mouth. For example, a typical treatment may involve the repair of decayed teeth, removal of harmful amalgams, and correcting the alignment of the bite with orthodontics

We believe that beautiful teeth should be healthy teeth. The aim of esthetic dentistry is to deliver both outcomes.

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Straighten Teeth

Although many patients seek orthodontic treatment purely for cosmetic reasons, there are important health benefits to consider as well.

When misaligned teeth cannot form a proper bite, it can result in accelerated wear on the chewing surface. Crooked teeth are also harder to clean, increasing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. 

When teeth are repositioned with orthodontics, they not only become more beautiful, they signal optimal health.

Superior Ceramics

In recent years, ceramics have become the material of choice for use in dentistry, as its appearance is virtually indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel. Furthermore, modern ceramics exhibit excellent strength, reflecting advances in the material science. 

Aside from replacing unsightly metal crowns, ceramics have other important benefits. They tend to be gentle on the gums, show good biocompatibility, and resist plaque and staining.

Ceramic crowns versus metal crowns. Before and after comparison photos.
English-Speaking Dentist in Osaka for orthodontics, whitening, Invisalign

Our dentist has ten years of experience practicing esthetic and orthodontic dentistry. Previously, he worked at a clinic located inside the Osaka Hilton, serving high-end clients.

Dr. Taichi Iwashita

Director, smile design clinic

Licensed For Esthetic Dentistry

Dr. Iwashita is a certified physician of both the Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the Japan Society of Dental Anti-Aging.

Licensed for Anti-Aging Dentistry
Licensed for Esthetic Dentistry

Examples of Esthetic Treatments

From single-tooth to full-mouth dental work, esthetic dentistry can deliver stunning improvements to your face and smile.

Esthetics and Orthodontics Example 1 Before


Esthetics and Orthodontics Example 1 After


Front Teeth Ceramics

The eight upper-front teeth were treated with ceramics.

Esthetics and Orthodontics Example 2 Before


Esthetics and Orthodontics Example 2 After


Orthodontics With Ceramics

Orthodontic and ceramic treatments were combined for a dramatic improvement.

Esthetics and Orthodontics Example 3 Before


Esthetics and Orthodontics Example 3 After


Full Ceramic Treatment

All teeth were treated with ceramics for a perfect mouth.

Treatment Price

Our clinic administers a wide variety of esthetic and orthodontic treatments. It is best to schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about our services. Here are several treatments popular with our patients:

Ceramic Crown

¥ 150,000 Plus Tax
  • Ceramic with zirconia. Cost per tooth.


¥ 650,000 Plus Tax
  • Clear plastic aligners for orthodontics.


¥ 42,000 Plus Tax
  • Two whitening sessions at our clinic.

Credit Cards Accepted

Note: Patients must cover the full cost of their treatment. 

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Our Osaka Abeno clinic was opened in late-2019. It was specifically built to offer high-end dental care.

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Our dentists and assistants are skilled in many facets of dentistry. From surgery to routine dental care, we can handle our patient's needs.

the experience

Nobody should feel apprehensive about visiting their dentist! We strive to offer a comfortable and private experience for each of our patients.


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Smile Design Clinic is a stylish and ultra-modern dental office, opening its doors in the fall of 2019. The establishment was purpose built, from the ground up, to deliver a superior dental care experience for our patients. We’ve designed the space for maximum efficiency and comfort. No one should hesitate about visiting their dentist!

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Advanced Treatments

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Safety Prioritized

Each year, the science and technology of dentistry advances at a rapid pace. At Smile Design Clinic, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest treatments. Our professionals are skilled and experienced in multiple sub-disciplines within dentistry.

We are committed to offering the safest and highest-quality care to our patients. This involves regular training and licensing for our dentists and staff. Our office is outfitted with the best equipment available to deliver an exceptional level of service.

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